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 Item # BSR2009   Enter To Win A Custom Black Strat Style Complete Pickguard Assembly Kit
This is how it'll look when you finish assembling it, but remember this is an assembly kit, it will be for you to assemble.  That is, if you win!
This is how it'll look when you finish assembling it, but once again, remember, this is an assembly kit, it will be for you to assemble.  If you win!
Includes a set of GHS Boomers David Gilmour Signature Series strings (10-48), 19 stainless steel pickguard/output jack plate/tremolo cover mounting screws, custom 4-1/4" super short Gilmour style stainless steel tremolo arm, Fender vintage style 1 ply white tremolo cover and a Switchcraft USA 1/4" mono output jack.
OverDrive Custom Guitar Works Enter To Win...

Custom Gilmour Style Black Strat 
Complete Pickguard Assembly Kit
Includes everything, ready for you to assemble, drop in and Rock 'n Roll !

Enter our drawing to win a Complete Custom Gilmour Style Black Strat Pickguard Assembly as a "Do It Yourself Assembly Kit" for only $20.00.  A $385.00 value.
EVERY SINGLE ENTRY will receive one of our 4-1/4" Super Short Black Strat Style Tremolo Arms (right handed versions only) with each $20.00 entry fee.  It's a no lose offer.

Enter as many times as you wish.  Each entry fee is $20.00. 

Deadline for entries is scheduled for midnight Monday December 14, 2009. 

Drawing is scheduled for Tuesday December 15, 2009. 

If drawing entry volume is not as expected we reserve the right to extend the entry deadline and drawing date.

If this raffle turns out to be as popular as we hope it to be, there will be two winning entries!  (dependent on number of entries).

Purchases made outside of this raffle offer (Item# BSR2009) are not eligible for the drawing, no exceptions.

The winning entry will be notified by email or telephone, so please be sure to enter a valid email and telephone number in your order/entry.  Winning entry will also be posted on the web site. 

Each entry in the drawing will be mailed a ticket stub along with their entry gift of the 4-1/4" Gilmour Style Tremolo Arm.  If for any reason the winning entry is unable to verify the winning ticket number AT THE TIME OF WINNING NOTIFICATION we will select a new winner and that entry will be void and forfeited.  We will allow up to 48 hours to verify the winning notification.  No exceptions.  So donít loose your ticket stub!

Price: $20.00 Per Drawing Entry.

Complete Specifications And Details Of The Pickguard Assembly Kit
  • Neck Pickup:  Fender Custom Shop's Fat '50s Neck Pickup.
  • Middle Pickup:  Fender Custom Shop's Custom '69 Pickup.
  • Bridge Pickup:  Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Custom Staggered Pickup.
  • Custom Stainless Steel Tremolo Arm 4-1/4" Super Short Length (Black Strat Style).
  • Pickguard: Custom 1 Ply 11 Hole Black Acrylic, 0.120" Thick, Custom Routed For Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch (Right Handed Version Only).
  • Custom Stainless Steel Recessed Mini-Toggle Switch Mounting Bracket For Neck Pickup Selection Modification (Black Strat Style).
  • Mini-Toggle Switch Recessed In Pickguard (Neck Pickup Selector - Black Strat Style).
  • Volume & Tone Controls: Three  250K Audio (Logarithmic) Potentiometers.
  • Tone Capacitor:  Sprague Orange Drop 0.047 uF (Black Strat style).
  • Pickup Selector Switch: CRL or Fender 5-Way.
  • Treble By-Pass Filter.  Helps Eliminate Loss Of Treble When You Turn Down The Volume On Your Guitar.
  • 19 Stainless Steel (18-8) Pickguard Screws.  Enough For An Entire Strat.
  • Fender Vintage 1 Ply Tremolo Cover.
  • Switchcraft USA 1/4" Mono Output Jack.
  • One Set Of GHS Boomers David Gilmour Signature Series Strings (Blue Set).
  • Authentic Black Strat Wiring Diagram For 7 Unique Pickup Selections (Black Strat Style).
Descriptions And Characteristics Of The Pickup Selection Options
  • The Seymour Duncan SSL-5 Staggered Pickup is the Seymourized version of the SSL-1 pickup.  It has distinct vintage tone combined with a stronger magnetic field and custom coil for higher output, more sustain, and great harmonics.  The SSL-5 pickup comes with a Seymour Duncan logo'ed pickup cover, we remove this cover and install a standard white Fender cover.  If  you wish for your SSL-5 pickup to retain the logo'ed cover simply mention this in the comments section during checkout.  The SSL-5 is perfect for a more hot rodded Gilmour tone.  A bit more warm and dark characteristic.
  • Fender Custom Shop '69 Pickups offer you a unique construction and vibe.  These are the guitar pickups that can deliver the coveted clear, transparent highs, thumping lows, and bleeding midrange response and feel that define electric guitar tone as we know it.  These Fender pickups are built using height staggered Alnico V magnets and a special gray bobbin.  Each pickup is checked, dated, and initialed by none other than Fender Custom Shop master pickup building legend, Abigail Ybarra, who has been winding pickups for Fender since the late 1950s.
  • Fender Custom Shop Fat '50s Pickups are calibrated pickups constructed with hand-beveled, staggered Alnico V magnets and Formvar magnet wire.  The Fat '50s Strat Pickups deliver enhanced bass response without the harsh midrange.  OEM on Custom Shop Fender Showmaster series Stratocaster guitars.


The pickguard perimeter mounting holes fit American and Japanese Strat's.  Some Mexican built bodies are not quite 100% compatible, their pickguard perimeter mounting holes may be in slightly different locations and you may have to make some adjustments to the mounting holes in your body.  Remember, there are many Strat® clones out there and their pickguard perimeter mounting holes may be different. 

* Returns, refunds or exchanges are not accepted on this item.  It is $20.00 per entry drawing item only.


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Customer Service Telephone Hours: Monday-Friday 9am - 5pm PST (12pm - 8pm EST)

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