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We've decided to call it quits with the Military Surplus business.
All Military Surplus merchandise is being closed out.
Once an item is sold out, that's it, it will not be re-stocked.
Only those items that show a quantity in stock are available.
You'll find some items showing 0 "In Stock", that means you missed out, they're gone.
All Sales Final - No Returns, Exchanges or Refunds - No Exceptions

Since we are closing shop all credit card transactions are processed through our primary business OverDrive Custom Guitar Works (, so all checkout screens will present you with the OverDrive Custom Guitar Works name and logos like below.

Featured Military Tactical Gear, Clothing and Weapon Accessories - M16 - AR15
Official U.S. Military
Vietnam Era BDU Shirts
Official French Military
Olive Drab F-2 Field Jacket
Official Belgian Military
Olive Drab Field Shirt
Official British Military
Lightweight Desert DPM Camo
Combat Jacket / Shirt
Official U.S. Military
Vietnam Era BDU Trousers
Official German Military
Field Shirt
Official British Military
OD Fleece Jacket / Thermal Liner
Official U.S. Military
6 Color Desert Camo
BDU Shirt / Jacket
Military Gear Headquarters
Military Gear Headquarters
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